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Cookies Policy

Goya Real Estate S.L. hereby informs users that it may use cookies when the user browses on this website. By using our website, you consent to and expressly authorise the use of cookies, in accordance with our privacy policy.

Cookies are used for the sole purpose of recalling the user’s preferences (language, country, login, browser characteristics, information on the use of the website, etc.).

By remembering your preferences we will find out about the characteristics of the computer you are using and this will enable us to offer you a better browsing experience. Cookies can help our website identify the user’s browser as past visitor and save and remember any preferences the user established while browsing on the site, personalise home pages, identify what parts of the site have been visited.

Goya Real Estate, S.L. may use cookies for the purpose of recognising the users who have registered in order to offer a better and more personalized service.

They may also be used to obtain information on the date and time of the user’s last visit, measure certain traffic parameters on the site and estimate the number of visits received, such that Goya Real Estate, S.L.U. can more effectively focus and adjust its services.

Websites normally use cookies to obtain statistical information on their websites. Remember that we collect data on your movements and use of our website as statistical data, not personal data.